#11: Claiming Ownership of Your Most Valuable – & Non-Renewable – Asset

podcast Apr 09, 2019

We have one SUPER VALUABLE asset that we CANNOT renew. No amount of money or success will bring more of this to you.

What is it?


It is the great leveler of all fields – every. single. person. has only 24 hours in a day.

So how do you claim ownership of your MVA? In today’s podcast I’m talking about:

  • Understanding when you do your best work
  • Setting yourself up for success right out of the gate
  • The difference between ‘giving’ and ‘taking’ time – this is a big one!
  • Making a damn plan! And working it!
  • And finally, claiming ownership – it’s your choice

If you’re calling your business into reality, 
use this 👉🏻 Launch Kit 👈🏻
to pour rocket fuel on your efforts!

P.S. I also mentioned “The Abundance Code” by Julie Ann Cairns – definitely have a read!


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