#15: Removing the Shroud - Getting Honest About Money

podcast May 07, 2019

This has been forefront in my life of late - the topic of money.

Ok, let's be honest, not just 'of late' - my whole damn life.  

What HAS been on the forefront in terms of money, however, is what I believe, feel and think about it - and just how much that's limiting me.

So in today's episode, I'm getting real with you about money - my beliefs, thoughts, and feelings around it - as well as what I'm doing now to heal my relationship with money.

Did I say relationship?

Sure did.  Cause that's what it is.  You'll find out why in the podcast.

Join me and find out:

  • Why it's important we start talking about money (no more hiding friends)
  • The simple release technique I did for the negative crap I was holding on to for dear life
  • How I'm bringing love and gratitude into my mind on the daily, specifically to my new beau, money

We are abundant beings.  We're meant to live richly.  So why are we standing in our own dang way?  And what are you going to do about it?


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