#18: Biz Tip: The Great Card Exchange (The 101 On Business Cards)

podcast May 28, 2019

Building a business can be tricky - the social niceties, proper conduct, meeting strangers - I mean, there's a lot.

So in today's episode I'm breaking down the basics when it comes to business cards because I find so many (especially new) entrepreneurs struggle with things like:

  • Who do I give my card to?
  • What do I do when asked for my card (especially if I don't want to give it to the asker)?
  • How do I ask for a card?
  • How do I give my card to someone?
  • How do I say no when someone asks?

And I give you a few quick tips on the design of your card so that you can make it a POWERFUL marketing tool.

The main thing to remember is that business is all about relationship.  Focus on building relationships first, especially when doing the card exchange waltz.

To help you keep it all straight, I've got a fabulous FREE DOWNLOAD for you which ties together Episode #17 (Your #1 Marketing Tool) and this episode, because they go together like chocolate chips and cookies. 🤤

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