#19: 10 Min SWOT Analysis ... And Grizzly Bears

podcast Jun 04, 2019

You bring a lot to your business.  More than your fantabulous personality and your incredible know how...

... you also bring gaps in knowledge, experience and skills. 😱

Whoa hold on, before you get all clouded in overwhelm, lemme tell you why this is true and how today's episode will help!

So first - you are a human.  That means you cannot know, do and be everything.  Period.  And since you cannot know, do and be everything, there are gaps in your knowledge, experience and skills.

The good news is, we're all the same!!  Ain't no body got all the goods!

Today's episode is about doing a SWOT analysis.  First, listen to the episode (where you'll also learn about my recent encounter with a mama grizzly bear 🐻), then use the questions below to help you with your analysis:

  • (S) - What are my strengths?
  • (S) - How do they help my biz?
  • (W) - Is this a skill I can learn?
  • (W) - Do I have resources to hire assistance?
  • (W) - How does it/will it impact my business?
  • (W) - Can I turn it into a strength?
  • (W) - Who are the 'helpful'/not-helpful people in my life?
  • (O) - Where do I see opportunities?
  • (O) - Am I taking advantage of them?
  • (T) - What are potential threats to my business?
  • (T) - If it's a similar business, how am I different?
  • ** If you haven't yet, listen to the podcast because here I talk about why I don't believe in competition, and the story I I heard recently about collaboration.
  • (T) - Is there an opportunity in here?
  • (T) - Can I turn it into an asset?

You're a powerful business boss and to truly understand your own power, it's also good to know where you've got some holes.

Set a timer at 10 mins and push through the analysis at least once!

You got this!


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