#20: Paying Yourself First ... When Your Income Is All Over The Place

podcast Jun 11, 2019

It's easy for pros to say 'Make sure you pay yourself first!' and then load you down with guilt-inducing facts about compound interest and 'if you had started when you were 20, you'd have this much by now!'

Look, if I'd had the money when I was 20, I prolly would have done that.  But since to date nobody has invented a proper time machine, let's not focus on what we can't actually change. 🤨

So how DO you pay yourself first when you're growing a business?  And your income is all over the place, your expenses range from month to month, and you also want to invest IN your business?!

That's what I'm talking about in today's episode.  I'll share with you my own journey and lessons and what happened when I finally made the decision to figure it out.

I share:

  • What it looks like to pay yourself first (even when you have very little coming in!)
  • Why it's important to be selfish (in a good way of course)
  • How you can start small and grow
  • How to keep that primordial lizard brain in check so you can finally get to making some big amazing strides your future self will love you for!

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Seriously, get on it. 🤓


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