#21: Don't Replace A Job You Hate With A Business That Feels Like A Job

podcast Jun 18, 2019

Where are you in your biz journey right now?  Are you working a j.o.b. and launching the biz on the side?  Is it still just a dream for 'some day'?  Are you already into your biz full time and left the j.o.b.?

Wherever you are, have you considered whether you're still thinking like an employee rather than as an entrepreneur?  And really, what's the difference anyway?

Well, the difference is that as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, you are the visionary.  You're the captain of the ship.  You are where it all starts - and stops.

When you're an employee, you don't have that responsibility.  Even if you're in a management role, you will are not carrying the full weight of the company's success.  So it's really important not to carry forward your employee mindset into your entrepreneurial adventure!

In today's episode, I share 5 simple shifts you can make to go from thinking like an employee to thinking like an entrepreneur.

The great news is, even if you're full time business owner extraordinaire by now, you'll still learn highly valuable tools to help elevate your visionary-ness.

Click play - inside you'll hear:

  • How you can use your j.o.b. to practice and build your entrepreneur muscles
  • Why learning where you are becomes super powerful in your biz
  • How you can borrow what's working (and overlay it into your biz!)
  • Why you should chat with the owner of the biz you're working in 
  • About how birthdays are my jam (and what that has to do with my biz!)

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