#22: A 5-Figure Contract, The Dunning-Kruger Effect & Getting Paid

podcast Jun 25, 2019

What do all these things have in common?  That's what we're talking about in today's podcast episode.

Recently I signed my FIRST 5-figure contract - and it's big news in our house!  While I sign clients on all the time, rarely do contracts exceed 4 figures so this really is exciting news!

What you may be surprised to know is that I had to constantly stop myself from talking myself OUT of it.  I needed to move through some serious self-doubt to put together the proposal - EVEN THOUGH I HAVE MORE THAN 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE BEHIND ME!!!!

Moreover, I'm not the only one who's felt that way.  In fact, almost everyone I spoke to about this said they have the same issue.

When it comes to your business, and in particular to getting paid (or payment terms), you cannot sit in the self-doubt.  Your business depends on you stepping up and having confidence in your services and your rates - and your expectation to get paid.

In today's episode I cover:

  • How you can learn the exact strategies I used to land this 5-figure contract (and have helped others do the same)
  • What the Dunning-Kruger effect IS and why it affects the most able of us
  • Why you need to step up and take ownership for your client's sake
  • How you clients are begging to give you their money - if you could just make it easy for them!
  • The two things your payment terms need to be (hint: they both start with 'c')

Have a listen, then head over to my Instagram page and leave a comment on the most recent post what your biggest learning was in today's episode.  I'd love to hear from you!

And, if you're ready to finally take charge of your business' bottomline and your client's success, get yourself over to daretobegin.net/profit and pick up the Profit Power Pack - only $197 friends.  Heck of a deal!


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