#23: How Are You Talking About Your Clients?

podcast Jul 02, 2019

Have you ever been talking with a business owner and they've been ranting about how terrible their clients are?  That their clients just don't seem to 'get it'?  That they don't 'respect' the business owners time, value or team?

If you've been in that situation, how did you feel listening to it?  Was it a bonding experience whereby you could also lay into how frustrating clients can be?  Or did you just feel uncomfortable and looking for an out from the conversation?

How we speak about our clients matters.  The words you speak adds energy around your business and your clients - do you really want to add energy that attracts even more frustrating clients? 

Probably not.

In today's episode, we're covering:

  • How I love birthdays (unrelated but important!)
  • What I realized after speaking with other business owners about their clients
  • Why you need to take responsibility in your business
  • Two steps you can take to discover why your clients may be frustrating you and how you can change the narrative

It's valuable stuff in here today friend.  Wouldn't you rather build a business loaded with amazing clients who you love to brag about?  That's the kind of biz I have - you can too.

If you want some great in depth training about the topics covered in today's episode, be sure to grab your Profit Power Pack.  Business needs to make money (aka: profits) but it's more than just charging money.  Get it here 👉🏻 daretobegin.net/profit

You got this change-maker. 😎


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