#25: Give a Little Dopamine Hit - And Grow Your Bottom Line

podcast Jul 16, 2019

Have you ever been rewarded for something you already love to do (and do naturally)?  Like when you hold the door for someone and they say thank you?  It may not seem like a reward just now but that simple acknowledgement sends a little dopamine hit in your brain - hello reward!

As humans, we may seem complex, but in some ways, we really are simple creatures.  Simple in the sense that we love doing things that feel good - and get acknowledged along the way.

This little human trait can be a powerful motivator and growth strategy for your business, IF used and implemented correctly.

In today's podcast, I'm going to talk with you about Referral Programs - a powerful tool that works perfectly in sync with our human desire for pleasure and acknowledgement.

Specifically we're touching on these things:

  • What a referral program actually is
  • Why you need one (a GOOD one)
  • Who you offer it to
  • What a referral program absolutely must NOT DO
  • How to set one up while protecting your bottom line

Don't be fooled - referral programs are often done incorrectly and selfishly.  The information in today's episode can easily change things for the better in your biz - if you pay attention.

But hey, you're a change-maker, of course you're paying attention 😉 See you on the inside Change-Maker!

And if you're wanting some more hands-on, step-by-step business growth tools, be sure to check out the Profit Power Pack.


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