#26: The Only 2 Things You Really Need To Focus On In Your Biz

podcast Jul 23, 2019

Can it really be that simple?  Is it really possible that you only need to focus on 2 things in your biz?  Isn't it more likely that there's hundreds of things to focus on?

Yes it really can be that simple.

Yes it really is possible that there's only 2 things.

What if I told you that all those 'hundreds of things' actually boil down to these 2?

We love to make things more complicated than they need to be (trust me, my hand is up 🙋🏻‍♀️).  But when we boil it down to its essence, a successful business can be defined by two things.

It's these two things that I'm talking about in today's episode.  What you'll learn when you focus on these two things is:

  • Your clients will LOVE you for holding your focus here
  • Your business will have far fewer headaches - and far happier clients & staff
  • You'll naturally create raving clients - hello testimonials!
  • Even though you're not focusing on your bottom line, your bottom line WILL continue to grow

That's all I'm sharing with you in the notes today friend!  Tune in to find out what these two things are and how simple it can be to focus on them!


I reference this previous episode in the podcast.

Also, please note, any comments about businesses mentioned by name in this podcast is specifically based on my personal experience and is neither an endorsement nor dissuasion of said business. 


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