#28: How Clear Are You On Who You're Serving?

podcast Aug 06, 2019

One of the struggles of starting a business is knowing who it is you'd like to serve.  And if you haven't had clients yet (ie. you're brand spankin' new!), how the heck do you KNOW who you want to serve?!!!

The good news is that even if you haven't had any clients, even if this biz idea is just that - an idea - you CAN begin to figure out who you want to serve AND the secret sauce: why you want to serve them!

So that's what we're breaking down in today's episode - 4 steps to clarify who you're serving.  I share things like:

  • Why time away (during the week or vacation time) is SUPER important
  • How 'WHY' comes into play when defining who your perfect client is
  • What exactly your 'perfect client' IS
  • The benefit of clarity over time when it comes to understanding your perfect client
  • How passion can be a magnet for your perfect client

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