#29: Money Manifestation Magnet Paige Cole!!

podcast Aug 13, 2019

Omgoodness.  Do you ever have something SO FREAKING GOOD you are just crazy with excitement?!  That's how I feel about today's podcast episode!

I hope you're ready for some major inspiration today because on today's episode I have the beautiful and inspiring Paige Cole!

Paige brings it all the way through with powerful wisdom and teachings that I know can change your life in big ways!  She's a total Money Manifestation Magnet, so today we're talking money, claiming a niche and turning 30!

Just a few other highlights of what you'll find inside include:

  • What exactly Paige's niche is (and stepping into it!)
  • Understanding money blocks and digging deep around them
  • What money does to you (👀 this one's good)
  • Paige's clarity around the numbers in her biz
  • Paige's 3 favourite manifestation practices

I also want you to pay special attention around the 20 minute mark when Paige 'receives' a compliment.  It's a beautiful practice and she does it so gracefully I'm certain it will inspire you as well.

To connect further with Paige, find her at the following:

Instagram:  @the.paige.cole

Facebook:  Rainmakers

Book Club Sign Up:  https://paigecole.lpages.co/free-book-club/ 
**Starts August 19th!**

🚨 Headphones alert! 🚨
In case you have little ones around, you may want a set 🎧 as it is full on boss babe action in here - including a few language moments. 😉


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