#33: Going to the Source

podcast Sep 10, 2019

I recently had a dream.  A dream that, when I awoke, I knew in my deepest knowing the lesson inside it.  I've never had a dream like this and understood innately what it meant.

What if you could just connect directly to the source?  In business, our tendency is to look at 'going to the source' as getting direct coaching from powerful, successful leaders.  Sometimes we are told to 'go to the source' in the sense of going where your customers are - networking, social media - meet them where they're at.

But what if connecting directly to the source had nothing to do with other people?  What if, like turning on a tap, you could access free flowing knowledge, insight, abundance with ease?

Today's episode is a bit different than normal.  Today I share with you the dream I had and the idea that, rather than go outside to build and grow our business, we could go inside instead.

That deep knowing and insight, paired with powerful systems to back you up, could pave the way to incredible growth and abundance, both in your business and in your life.


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