#34: Clear Through The Noise of Negative Thoughts

podcast Sep 17, 2019

Your thoughts are an illusion.  They're not real.  And you are not your thoughts.

Recently I've been introduced to Jim Fortin and his work and in an interview with James Wedmore, Jim dropped these truth bombs.  My mind was blown.

"You are not your thoughts.  You are the THINKER of your thoughts."

Today I'm talking about negative thoughts, manifesting elephants and how being the THINKER of your thoughts gives you tremendous power over your every day moments.

If you struggle with the barrage of negative thoughts running roughshod around in your head and you're looking for a tangible practice you can start today to move through them (without what I call 'positivity bullying'), then have a listen.

We are all human.  Every single one of us has negative thoughts.  We have down days.  We have days where we just want to hide under the covers.

Rather than bandaid 'positive' thoughts over the noise, clear through the noise and choose where you'll go next.


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