#35: The Space Between The Actions - What Is Stopping You

podcast Sep 24, 2019

Jane graduated university at the top of her class in 1990.  She landed her dream job shortly afterward and spent the next 25 years steadily working her way up the corporate ladder, finally achieving her goal: the point at which she saw success.

The only problem was, Jane didn't feel successful.  She didn't feel fulfilled.  In fact, all Jane felt, was empty.  She'd spent 25 years of time, effort and energy on... this?  This wasn't how she imagined.  

And as Jane looked back, she realized that all along, she'd been building her 'ladder' on the wrong wall.  This wasn't what she wanted.  She'd ignored the voice inside telling her so, because she had a goal.


This is a story I'd heard so often in my teens and twenties.  I was terrified that I'd spend years of time and effort building something, only to find it wasn't what I wanted after all.  All that time and effort wasted!

In today's episode, I share with you what I did instead, and a few deep revelations that may help you move forward in your life as well.  Plus:

  • How sneaky stories come in to delay our success
  • The power of mentors - and how they don't have to be someone you actually know
  • Gaining knowledge is a high value investment
  • The movie montage - the highlight reel of powerful actions - and what happens between

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