#36: Your First Year of Business Pt. 1: Building Relationships

podcast Oct 01, 2019

Today's episode is inspired by the first episode I've ever seen of... The Dragon's Den.  Between you and me, I was watching it because I had no idea what to eat for lunch (don't ask me why I'd watch that - I don't know lol) but as it often does, when I'm doing some random thing, inspiration strikes.

Unless you're in 'sales', I think people often forget or undervalue the power of relationships, especially in business.  Relationships are the cornerstone of your business.  So it's important to know how to build good ones!

In this first part of a three-part mini series focused on Your First Year of Business, I'll share three factors to keep in mind as you build your business relationships as well as some real life examples of when it went wrong (we can always learn from those, right?!).

I also reference episode #23 ('How Are You Talking About Your Clients') as well as episode #11 ('Claiming Ownership of Your Most Valuable - And Non-Renewable - Asset').


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