#41: How I Released My Gym Membership - And Received a Home Gym For $35

podcast Nov 05, 2019

What does my gym membership have anything to do with starting a biz?  And how the heck did I 'receive' a home gym for $35?

If you've been following the podcast for a while you know I've been on a journey this year to heal/improve/build a healthier relationship with money.  One part of that has been releasing costs that were 'unnecessary'.

Some costs were easy - monthly subscriptions for things like Canva for example - but others, like my gym membership, took me some time to come around on.

Today I share a bit of the journey, how I am viewing 'debt' now, and the actual story of releasing the membership and receiving three amazing pieces of exercise equipment.

Also, I talk about Manifestation Babe's podcast episode #62: Manifest Your Way Out of Debt, be sure to go have a listen!


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