#42: Keep It Simple - Thighmaster Thoughts...

podcast Nov 12, 2019

Podcast inspiration can strike anywhere.  This week, it came while I was on the rowing machine, for some reason thinking about the thighmaster (remember that thing?).

I realized that I was well on my way to creating a much more complicated exercise plan in my mind - one that would surely set me up for failure.  And with blazing clarity, I could see this was a pattern I was well-used to repeating.  Start simple, layer on, create complication, fail because I've overcommitted.

So on today's episode, I'm talking about how I'm practicing simplicity in my life and how the commitment to my 40 hour job is giving me a wonderful opportunity to do so.

If you're really good at layering on the work, or if you're drowning in the "to-dos" you have every day, this is for you.


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