#43: A Brief Chat on Facebook Marketing

podcast Nov 19, 2019

So you've been working on your biz for a while now, you're about ready to go live and you want to do some Facebook marketing to help bring clients in the door ASAP.  Fantastic!  Now let me ask you:

  • Have you defined a tight target audience (your perfect client)?
  • Have you set an affordable and sustainable ad budget?
  • Have you observed ad sets from highly successful businesses like yours and have a solid ad set of your own?
  • Have you set up your Facebook page, ads manager & business manager?

Feeling overwhelmed right now?  Good.  Because these are important considerations.  Overwhelm means you're not taking this lightly, it means you're not painting rainbows in the sky with your unicorn brush and it means that you still have a few things to work out!

You're in a great place!  So bring that feeling along if you like, and let's have an honest chat about each of these things.  Just press play.

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