#45: Managing Expectations of Yourself

podcast Dec 03, 2019

In business, one of your main responsibilities is managing the expectations of your clients.  Doing so well means that for the most part, you business runs smoothly, your clients are relatively happy and you don't feel stressed all the time.

Today let's talk about how well you are managing the expectations ... of yourself.

I came head to head with unrealistic expectations I had for myself a few weeks ago.  Whenever we try something new or move into a new role, we always go at it with some kind of expectation of ourselves.

When I first went ziplining, I expected to love it!  Then when I stood on the platform with nothing but open air before me, I was terrified.  It took a few zips before I felt mostly confident about jumping off the platform - not entirely what I expected.

When I was learning to ski in the mountains, I knew it would take time but my expectations of myself became unrealistic as I'd watch my guy rip down the hill with ease and I'd wonder why I was still so slow.  A gentle reminder that he'd been on skis since before I was born put things back in perspective for me.

Let's talk about how to manage expectations of ourselves, how comparison gets involved (and can be good at times also!), and listen as I share a deep revelation I had about a new adventure I'm on.


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