#56: Child's Play & Adult Stories

podcast Mar 10, 2020

Of all the jobs I have, one of my most favourite is that of being an aunt.  To a few very special humans, I am 'Tante Amy' - and I love it!  Being an aunt has been such a fun adventure!  I get to watch little ones grow and learn and practice navigating the world - without the stretch marks, sleepless nights and overtaken schedule ;

When I get to hang out with the pumpkins, I love observing them move through the world.  Recently, I had the opportunity to go watch my niece in her gymnastics class.  As her group moved around the room doing different exercises on different equipment, it was neat to watch these littles practice.  

I was especially fascinated when they moved to the balance beams.  On today's podcast, I share with you why I was so fascinated and how my observation of these littles got me thinking about us as adults and how we move through the world.

Special note: today's episode has been recorded in a car as I'm on the move this week and that was the only 'quiet' space I had available.  You may hear traffic (and sirens) in the background.  

I'd love to hang with you for a moment of time today and learn from our smallest humans to help us as big humans navigate our world.


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