#58: What's Showing Up For You Right Now?

podcast Mar 24, 2020

We are in challenging times and everyone on the planet - for the first time in history - everyone on the planet is feeling similar emotions.  We are all, all 8 billion of us, faced with a situation that is bringing up all kinds of emotions and patterns for us.

On the podcast today I'm sharing a bit of what I've realized I've been doing trusting that as I speak honestly about it and bring clarity and healing to what I've been moving through, it will also bring clarity and healing for you.

I believe we are in an incredible moment in time right now.  The opportunity for the world is astounding!  Let's take full advantage of the offer of this opportunity so as the situation eases and normality returns in society, we rise out of it higher and more powerful than ever before.

We are being called up Changemakers!  Let's respond to the call with a resounding, 'HELL YES!'


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