Confidently Launch Your

in 90 Days

without the exhausting hustle, struggle of knowing where to start or soul-crushing question, "Who am I to do this?"

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to leave the 9-5 for good or a new business owner wanting more financial security or time freedom, then you already know that you need to create a PROFITABLE business.

You already know there's a limit to how much you can make working for someone else and you definitely know that with only 24 hours in a day, there's a limit to how much more 'effort' you can put in.



[or don't dare to think about!] 
When you own a PROFITABLE BUSINESS, you get to:

  • Have Complete Control Over Your Income

    Rather than let someone else decide what your time & skills are worth, you get to set rates that you feel great about!  No more glass ceilings for you, my friend, with your profitable business, your only limitation is how big you can dream!
  • Decide Who You Work With

    Tired of working with and for people who don't get your value?  When you are the decision-maker, YOU decide the clients you serve - they'll love working with you AND know the value you bring!
  • Command Your Time

    We'd all love to have more time for the people & activities we love.  When you create your business foundation with your personal time in mind, you sidestep the #hustle trap, you get to spend valuable time with those you love, doing things you love, and you can work when you want!
  • Build Incredible Confidence

    It is SO satisfying to say you own a profitable business & when you have a powerful framework to build on, you have confidence in your results!  You will walk into any and every situation proud & confident of who you are and what you've become!

Even though the motivation to start a business is clear, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

Start a Business?  YES!

But how do I start?  And make it profitable?

Perhaps in your most motivated moments, you've started to detail what your business will look like.  You've come up with a name and maybe even thought about what you'd charge. 

You've gotten super excited about the money you could make and how awesome it would be to be your own boss.

If you're extra committed, you've been reading books or blogs and in your spare time, listening to podcasts and watching videos.

But even the most organized & motivated would-be business owners end up abandoning their dream and staying stuck in a job that doesn't light them up, while others seem to easily launch their business and make money.

Here's why most would-be business owners abandon ship:

Without a clear, step-by-step plan, most new business owners get stuck in the details and sink into overwhelm.

They are frozen with indecision as they try to figure out which advice to follow and what to do next, while they watch the days and weeks slide by with very little, or no, progress.

Here's why this is so devastating...

With multiple commitments to your time, like a job and your family, you literally can't afford to waste time in indecision.

And the moment you slide backward into overwhelm, you stop making progress and start making fear-based decisions which are devastating to your new business.

You need to build a solid foundation so your business can grow properly and become profitable. 

And you need to do it right the first time.

Luckily for you, there are few people out there doing it right, despite what they'd like you to believe.

In fact, it's very likely that your competitors are barely making ends meet and working ridiculous hours just to keep going.

Which means...

Even if you're starting after them, you have the unique opportunity to jump in and create a profitable framework right from the start!

That is...if you can avoid making the same profit-prohibiting, burnout-inducing mistakes your competitors are making.


4 Stories

You're Telling Yourself That Are

(and How To Change Them)

Story #1

"Starting a Business Is Easy"

Even if starting a business were easy, building it and having it actually become PROFITABLE - without requiring every ounce of energy and hour of your day - isn't.

Many who say it's easy don't tell you the hours of work & stress they're enduring, and what's worse, they're selling you into a lie that guarantees burnout and overwhelm.

Starting a business isn't easy, so let's call it what it is:

A fantastic adventure that will stretch and grow you, and give you the opportunity to far surpass your wildest dreams!


Story #2

"Business Is Complicated"

The other side of the 'starting a business is easy coin' is the idea that business is complicated...

...and that it's reserved for those 'in the know'.

With few exceptions, a business is simply a framework of exchanging a product or service for money.

And that framework can be learned.

What you do need is a solid foundation, willingness to try something new, and a roadmap.


Story #3

"I Don't Know The 'Right' People"

Believing that there's a magic number of people you need to know to launch your business will keep you from ever starting...

...Believing that you need to know the 'right' people to be successful will keep you from growing.

If you feel that your current situation is a disadvantage to starting your business, try looking at it as an amazing opportunity to expand your network!

Believe instead that you’ll meet exactly who you need to in order to grow your business and just get started.


Story #4

"I'm Not Ready"

If launching your business and finally getting out of the 9-5 is truly important to you and you’re finally ready to say
“Yes I want my dream!”
then all you need to do is stop telling yourself you’re not ready.

Like many worthwhile adventures in our lives, we are never truly ‘ready’ to take them on.  

Most often, the best experiences are when we take a deep breath, believe that it will be a success, and dive right into the adventure with both feet.


The Fear Story (#5)

"What If It Fails"

With a roughly 80% failure rate of new businesses, this is a totally valid fear.  If you put blinders on and refuse to learn and grow, your business likely will fail.

So let's discuss this failure rate...


The Truth Behind an 80% Fail Rate...

Most new businesses fail within 5 years because they don’t have an effective plan for profitability of both money AND time.

Most often, the owner puts all their time and attention to the business and it doesn’t make money.  Or worse, even if the business does make money, the time cost is so high, the owner burns out.

And the main reason for this, as you may have seen by now, is that while the barrier of entry to starting a business is relatively low

…the barriers toward becoming PROFITABLE are fairly high.

But as long as you avoid the pitfalls and profit-reducing mistakes that sink 80% of businesses, you have an amazing opportunity to create something truly awesome: a profitable business.

One that allows you to work with people you’re excited to serve, that brings you income so you can fulfill your dreams and one that gives you valuable time to yourself and with your loved ones!

The key ingredient to this is to build a foundation for success,
so you can go from lost to LAUNCHED!

And with your permission, I’d love to show you exactly how to do that.


Lost To Launched

The Step-By-Step Program to Finally Get Your Business Going AND Make It PROFITABLE


I’ve taken all the key business foundation and profit-enhancing strategies from creating my profitable business (in a struggling economy!) and brought them together in a clear step-by-step implementation program so you can build, launch and grow your new business and BECOME PROFITABLE more quickly.


Lost to Launched is a business foundation program intended to get you launched quickly & effectively.


You’ll learn exactly what you need to set your business up for success right from the start, without time-consuming and wasteful strategies that you need thousands of dollars to employ.

Your end result:  a fully launched business with highly effective profit strategies in place so your business can grow year over year.


Lost to Launched is the only program of it’s kind that:


Shows you EXACTLY what you need to do 
to build, launch and grow your business idea into a profitable business.

No fluffy fillers or pie-in-the-sky plans that you can’t use - just straight to the point, effective strategies to turn your business into a money-generating, impact-making machine.


Breaks down the day-to-day of running a business 
so you don’t get lost in overwhelm (or paperwork!).

This is where many business owners get stuck so the Lost to Launched program teaches you exactly how to track and organize your day-to-day tasks keeping you out of overwhelm and on track to reach your goals.


Gives you powerful strategies for expanding your business network.

Become a master at filling your network with high quality connections without feeling shmarmy or inauthentic.

And doing so with confidence in what you'll say and how you'll show up.


Teaches you how to create a business with time freedom baked in 
so you don’t set a course for burnout.

Creating a successful business is about more than just making money.  Lost to Launched teaches you how to not only create a business with profits, but one with time freedom baked right in the foundation so you can fully enjoy your success.


So if you’re ready to finally build a profitable business while avoiding the overwhelm & frustration quicksand...

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 1

Keys To Start

A profitable business starts with a solid foundation.  It's more than just having a good idea.

The lessons in this module will help you begin to shape your business framework, giving you solid rock on which to build your profitable business.

Module Highlights:

BUILD your profitable business foundation with:

  • Business Outline - The What, Who & Why
  • Earnings Potential & Start Up Costs
  • Your Hall of Heroes
Module 2

Scheduling (Built-In Time Freedom)

Right from the start you'll build time freedom into your business foundation.  That's because the habits you start with are often the longest lasting so we wanna make 'em good!

Because most new business owners don't build this in from the start, they end up on the fast track to burnout.

Module Highlights:

BUILD Time Freedom into your foundation by:

  • Clearly Defined Office Hours
  • BUILT-IN Personal Time
  • Tips (& Swipe Files!) To Keep You Organized
Module 3

Money Matters

Let's be honest - you're in business to make money.

When you make money, you gotta track that beautiful flow so you stay on top of your biz game.  If you aren't in love with your money game yet, you'll begin to learn to love it here!

Module Highlights:

How you'll begin to fall in love with your money flow:

  • Understand Your Bookkeeping Basics
  • A Beautiful Tax Reframe
  • How to Pay Yourself First in Business
Module 4

Getting Paid

Now that you've mastered your money flow, it's time to focus on how to make LOTS of it!

You'll learn a powerful profit strategy (that dramatically changed my business) while maximizing your time!

This module alone could change your business overnight!

Module Highlights:

LAUNCH your business with this game-changing module:

  • Clarify Your Service Offering
  • How To Set Powerful Rates with Confidence
  • The #1 Tool You'll Use to Power Up Your Client's Success & YOUR Business Success!
    (With Swipe Files!)
Module 5

Be The Expert

Now that you're beautifully positioned to maximize your profit flow (and the time freedom you baked in in Module 2), you need to understand how to build a bigger audience.

Reach more people, change more lives, Be The Expert!

Many, many service-based businesses don't do this (or do it for the wrong reasons), leaving loads of money on the table, and eventually, leaving their business in the dust as others master it.

Module Highlights:

No matter your experience level, you'll continue to LAUNCH forward while learning how to powerfully:

  • Give, Give, Give, Ask
  • Confidently Create Fantastic Content
  • Take Advantage of Social Media Tools
Module 6

Wonderful World of Web

Websites can be scary (not to mention an overwhelming abyss of tech jargon) but it today's web forward world, you MUST have a web presence.

In this module you'll potentially save hours of research (and countless glasses of wine) by following the already-done-for-you research and a simple web platform comparison sheet.

Module Highlights:

LAUNCH your web presence and become a web master by:

  • Easily Identifying the Best Web Platform For You
  • Understanding Enough SEO To Get You Started (No overwhelm here friends!)
  • The Power of an Email Marketing Service (and my #1 recommendation)
Module 7

Power of Video

So much of today's interaction happens over video.  To shy away from video (no matter the reason) will mean less growth for your business, aka - less profits.

In this module you'll learn how to confidently step in front of the camera so you can powerfully connect with your audience.

Module Highlights:

It's time to GROW.  You'll learn to harness the power of video through:

  • Creating a Simple Set
  • Nailing the Live Video
  • Simple Video Editing Tips (using free tech)
Module 8

Marketing 101

By now, your business foundation is fabulously built, you're maximizing the profit flow from your clients (while creating massive success outcomes for them!) and you're mastering the tools to reach a bigger audience.

The tools you'll discover in this marketing module are not what you may think.  However, you'll learn another powerful profit strategy that, when paired with your strategy from Module 4, can truly sky rocket your business.

Module Highlights:

Learn how to GROW you business with:

  • 5 Easy-To-Employ Marketing Strategies
  • A Reward Program for Your Best Clients
  • Client Success Testimonials
Module 9

Getting Graphic

If you're like most, you're a one-stop-shop kind-of-a business owner - and if you're like me, you like taking ownership of the details.

Graphics can be phenomenal tools in your marketing tool belt - if done correctly.  Great graphics can dramatically boost your content posts, capture potential interest and help communicate what your services can do for clients who need you.

So it's definitely important to know how to make 'em!

Module Highlights:

Continue to GROW your biz by:

  • Simple (& Free!) Graphics Tools
  • Creating Brand Consistency (Swipe File!)
  • Utilizing the Power In Your Pocket...
    ...and Taking Great Pics
Module 10


Now that you've built total confidence in your business with your powerful foundation and profit-producing strategies, and you've learned how to take advantage of the online opportunities available to you...

...it's important to know how to master face-to-face interactions like a total pro.

Between you and me, many business owners (new and not-so-new) get this wrong!  And we all know you only have one chance to make a first impression!

Rather than potentially damage your reputation (or worse, scare people away!) by following the simple and effective strategies in this module, you'll network like a pro and build amazing relationships along the way.

Module Highlights:

GROW your local relationships by:

  • Becoming a Master Networker
  • Relationship First Always
  • How to Answer the Dreaded...
    ..."What Do You Do?"

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let me be honest...

Lost to Launched is tailor-made for those who are ready to build, launch and grow a profitable business while baking in time freedom and client success.

Students of the LTL program also join a community of like-minded change-makers to support and encourage their progress and to learn from inside our private group.

So here's the deal...

By the end of the 14 day period, you will have received Your Success Activator as well as Modules 1 & 2.

That means, you'll have had the opportunity to BUILD your solid business foundation with built-in time freedom and validate your business idea BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel totally confident and psyched about your business idea, and your ability make it profitable, just reach out to us, show that you've done the work and we'll refund your investment.  Find full details here...

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Lost to Launched Academy - $2497 Value

  • Bonus 1: Your Success Activator - $397 Value
  • Bonus 2: Private, Members-Only Group - $297 Value
  • Bonus 3: Monthly Live Q&A Sessions w/ Amy - $997 Value

Total Value: $4188

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $4188

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have before joining the Lost To Launched Academy...

If you have even an inkling of an idea (and I bet if you're here, you have more than that), then you already have exactly what you need to get started TODAY.

Module 1 will help you flush out that beautiful idea and help you build the framework to grow your business on.

This question stops so many potential business owners from taking the leap.  The great news (for you!) is that you'll actually validate your business idea BEFORE you get too far ahead of yourself.

This means you'll know there's a desire for your services AND give you valuable insight into what your clients really want (hello marketing copy!).

Oh yeah, and you'll learn the #1 profit producing strategy in my business that you can easily tailor for each of your clients.

Trust me friend, if you've got the dream, you can make it profitable.

No.  In fact, I highly recommend that you KEEP your free time ... er... free.

That's why, in Module 2, I'll show you how to bake TIME FREEDOM right into your profitable business framework.

Yes, you'll be building your business in your off hours, but not ALL your off hours.  And as your business grows, you can explore moving back from your 9-5 and more into your business.

While I can't speak for other programs out there - and I don't believe it's good business to compare and degrade anyway - I build this program using the tools and strategies I used in my own business.

That means, they're practical, applicable and they work.

I've been in the trenches.  I've composted many a tear-filled kleenex while making my business work and I've clinked many a wine glass to celebrate an awesome day.

I've taken the best of everything I've created and implemented over the years, and I've made it all simple, actionable and as cost effective as possible for you.  All in one place.

I believe that when we're ready, the teacher will come.  It's proved true over and over for me.  What that means for you, is that if you're here today, the universe is telling you 'You're ready.  You can do this.'

I understand if you've got a lot on your plate, and you can say, 'Maybe later' if you like.  But I want you to ask yourself honestly:

Am I really not ready, or am I just afraid?

Because if it's simply that you're afraid, that tells me that it's because you really want to do this thing, you really want that amazing business of yours to be BIG, and the thought of that scares you.

I get it - I get the monkey voice all the time too.  If I let it make all my decisions, well, I wouldn't be here right now!

If it's strictly a time schedule thing, remember, you have lifetime access to the course.  So if you can't start for a month, or two, or three, you can still join the live Q&A's, connect with the private community (hello new friends!) and keep your I'm-about-to-blow-the-roof-off-this-joint energy buzzing until you DO have time to dig in.

I love go-getters like you!!  You know what you want, you're chomping at the bit to get going and you're just like, "Let me at 'em!"

The problem that can arise if I give you everything all at once is that you'll either a) skip steps or b) become mega-overwhelmed.

The program is a step-by-step framework - you gotta have your foundation in place before you can go running around willy nilly shouting from the rooftops that you're doing this thing.

Yes, get excited!  Yes, shout from the rooftops that you're claiming your success!  And then get your butt into the program and work the steps.

That way, your gleeful shouting doesn't turn into binge-drinking overwhelm sessions because you're trying to do "all the things".

Every member of the Lost to Launched Academy gets these three bonuses:

  1. Your Success Activator - This bonus is all about activating your success formula (Intention + Action + Beliefs = Success).  You get access to this as soon as you log into the members area.
  2. Private, Members-Only Group - No one goes it alone and in this LTL Academy Members Only group, you'll connect with other like-minded change-makers who are doing big things as well.  I encourage you to lean full on into the group - introduce yourself, ask questions, help each other out.  Communities like these are POWERFUL.
  3. Weekly Live Q&A's with Me - Once a week for the duration of the course, I'll jump into a live Q&A session with you.  This way you not only have access to me, but you can ask questions that may come up along the way.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Lost to Launched Academy - $2497 Value

  • Bonus 1: Your Success Activator - $397 Value
  • Bonus 2: Private, Members-Only Group - $297 Value
  • Bonus 3: Monthly Live Q&A Sessions w/ Amy - $997 Value

Total Value: $4188

When you add it all up, that’s a real world value of $4188

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of



Lost to Launched Academy is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You've been struggling to launch your business and you just want a step-by-step plan
  2. You've been thinking about starting a business for some time but are afraid you don't have what it takes
  3. You have all the energy and intention to make this business work - you just need a roadmap
  4. You've been working in your 'spare time' to get this launched but can't seem to make significant progress
  5. You've been at your business for some time and yet can't seem to make it grow
  6. You're totally excited to add time freedom into your business
  7. You're fully committed to creating the success you know you deserve!

If you said “yes” to at least 6 of the above, I am so excited to meet you inside Lost to Launched Academy.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Lost to Launched Academy - $2497 Value

  • Bonus 1: Your Success Activator - $397 Value
  • Bonus 2: Private, Members-Only Group - $297 Value
  • Bonus 3: Monthly Live Q&A Sessions w/ Amy - $997 Value

Total Value: $4188

When you add it all up, that’s a real world value of $4188

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Payment Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of




Payment Upfront

1 Payment of



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